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Centers of Excellence

AI/ML Center of Excellence


The Ninja Analytics Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) Center of Excellence is our smart hub for thought leadership, professional support, training, and innovation.


AI/ML is changing how commercial and federal customers are running their operations. At Ninja Analytics, we believe that effective AI/ML application starts with planning, design and governance that fit each organization’s resources and desired outcomes. We apply AI/ML for more advanced processes such as fraud detection, specialized modeling, resource allocation and intelligence. We work with our customers to evaluate options, consider privacy concerns, mission impact, regulatory limitations, and identify a path forward to meet the mission.

Our data solutions are powered by a robust IT stack all supported by strong data governance and management as well as a team of Senior Data Science professionals with the proven experience to enable your mission. Our data-driven capabilities include:

  • Model Development and Machine Learning

  • AI/ML Algorithm Development

  • Data Science & Analysis

  • Applied Intelligence

  • Big Data Management & Data Engineering

  • Cloud-Enabled Business Processes

  • Data Accessibility

  • Data Lake/Lake House Implementation

  • Digital Transformation

  • Data Pipeline Automation

  • Legacy Modernization

  • Data Modeling

  • Targeted Analytics

  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

​With expertise that includes data architecture, data modeling, data structure, master data management, data governance, data quality, and data security, we apply today’s most advanced technologies to craft solutions that address your unique challenges and requirements. Ninja Analytics works side-by-side to identify where our customers can benefit most. We then outline, define and implement the right solutions to achieve your goals, including enterprise business analytics systems; executive dashboards, scorecards, and strategy management tools; mobile analytics; data warehouse write-back; and statistical models and analysis.

Data is the foundation for creating streamlined operations with more-informed and efficient decision making. However, the vast amount of vital data that organizations create and collect every day makes extracting timely, relevant intelligence problematic. Ninja Analytics transforms organizations into data-centric powerhouses by designing scalable solutions to make the most of your important data. Some examples of our capabilities include:

  • Supporting existing data center infrastructure and new equipment configuration 

  • Migrating workloads to the cloud (hybrid and cloud-native approaches)

  • Developing architectures that leverage native data systems

  • Designing landing zones, data lakes, and data hubs

  • Deploying open-source commercial data platforms and warehouses in secure environments

  • Analyzing and visualizing data using open-source tools

  • Providing end-to-end digital infrastructure and data management solutions that support big data analysis, AI, and ML algorithms to assure capability at the edge

  • Creating data modeling solutions for intelligence agencies

Ninja Analytics and our dedicated AI/ML Center of Excellence develops and delivers extensive data capabilities to help you realize your digital future.

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