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Centers of Excellence

Cloud Center of Excellence


The Ninja Analytics Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) is our smart hub for thought leadership, professional support, best practices, certification training, and innovation. Members of the Ninja CCOE are tasked with the responsibility of developing a framework for the business cloud operations. Our CCOE was established to ensure the highest level of cloud expertise for our customers by providing multi-cloud capabilities on the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and IBM Cloud platforms.

Ninja understands the critical importance of having a stable and scalable infrastructure for our clients to run their applications with minimal interruptions. We also understand the need for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions depending on customer needs. We support our customers by using ITIL-based IT services management processes and tools, providing insights into key enterprise data to transition their organization to a truly data-driven information technology model.

Ninja Analytics Cloud Center of Excellence Pillars

Our technical knowledge is only part of the picture. We focus on training and cultivating the best people to solve complex challenges, fine-tuning our process for consistent and repeatable results, and building on longstanding partnerships with the world’s leading cloud platforms. Ninja’s CCOE can help guide your organization with the following scenarios:

  • Develop and enforce organization-wide cloud computing policies in a way that allows us to be flexible, without exposing us to unacceptable levels of organizational risk

  • Guide our internal users in selecting the right cloud providers to find the best fit and manage vendor-related risk

  • Manage and mitigate security and regulatory compliance risks while ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability

  • Govern costs and forecast future costs

  • Make your organization aware of best practices and keep up with the rate of change introduced by our providers

  • Drive cloud-enabled transformation across the business and help our stakeholders think through the business possibilities enabled by cloud


The Ninja Analytics Cloud Center of Excellence supports both commercial and government customers by orchestrating their cloud initiatives and managing the cloud adoption lifecycle

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