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Course Description

The Analysts Notebook (ANB) complete is meant for the new i2 user. Students learn basic functionality, analysis tools, and advanced skills - allowing them to analyze networks and use i2 like a pro. 


Course topics include:

1. The basics of link analysis.

2. Manual and import-based association and timeline chart creation. 

3. Best Practices in Chart Creation.

4. Basic i2 Analytical Tools (List Items, Search, Visual Seach, and Bar Charts/Histograms).

5. Customizing ANB.

6. Advanced importing techniques.

7. Advanced analytical tools (Find Matching Entities, Combining Attributes & Properties, Visual Search, Listing Linked Entities, Mapping, and Social Network Analysis).


Materials Provided

All students are provided an electronic version of the i2 Analyst Notebook reference manual. 

Post-Training Support

All students who complete the course will have access to follow-on non-technical telephone and email helpdesk support from their instructor.

Logistics & Format

This course is provided onsite at your location. Each training day is 8 hours with a 1-hour break for lunch. 


There are no prerequisites for this course. All it takes is a desire to learn i2. 


The cost for this course is $22,000 plus travel. Rates are based on a class size of 12 students. Please send us a request to get a training quote for your organization. 

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